The Rest of the Trip Chronicing my trip to California - final

There’s a distinct divide between my family and me in our preferences for where to live. No two people will have the exact same preferences, sure, but what surprised me (or maybe not?) during my visit was their insistence on the ex-urban lifestyle. Strange because I spent my entire life being raised in one of the largest metropolises in the world. Strange because mom grew up in this large metropolis herself. But not really strange

View from Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California

The Mecca Chronicling my holiday trip to California, Ch. 5

previously on posts by gina: Am I missing something? It definitely feels like it. There’s a noticeable gap in the way my parents treat me compared to the way they treat my brother. There’s a noticeable gap in connection. I can’t quite put my finger on it but… is this what being out of the loop feels like? Is this what happens when you leave home after high school and your brother stays put? Let

A Sense of Missing Out Chronicling my holiday trip to California - Ch. 4

I spent nine days in Southern California for the holidays. As lovely as California is, I feel as though I missed out on a great many opportunities of adventure—Caliventures. At the start of this writing, I’m sitting with my family at McCormick and Schmick’s (bleh) near LAX. It’s our last night in California before my brother and I return to our lives in Japan and New York City respectively. After hemming and hawing about going

Seafood Lover’s Paradise Chronicling my holiday trip to California - Ch. 3

If you love seafood, move to coastal California. That’s my pitch for the day. Seriously. In the first 72 hours since arriving in Camarillo, I’ve eaten more seafood than I can remember in my short lifetime. But I’m not complaining. Honest. I love seafood and I’m always on the prowl for new dishes and new takes on classic dishes–minus the battered and fried stuff (unless by some magical hand it’s gluten-free). Despite their favorite go-tos

A Dr. Seuss display on Candy Cane Lane, Camarillo, California

Candy Cane Lane Chronicling my holiday trip to California - Ch. 2

It’s not a real name, but it’s a real place that exists. Once a year, certain residential neighborhoods throw up vomit an array of ridiculous holiday lightings, inflatable characters, and whatever else they can get their hands on to bring a certain (gaucheness) excitement to the season. I’ve seen one in NW DC/Chevy Chase and Bethesda. A Google search brings up a Candy Cane Lane in an area just outside of Los Angeles. There’s also