Women’s 100 riding 100km with awesome bike ladies

Last month, I had the opportunity to ride with a group of awesome bike ladies from WEbike NYC. I don’t hang out with them as often as I should, but I’ve never felt disappointed after going on a ride with them. I’m not a social butterfly. The idea of meeting up with a bunch of strangers for a bike ride is somewhat anxiety-inducing, but in the end, I’m always happy I go. I haven’t quite


6:30 a.m. Sometimes 7. Maybe 7:30, if I’m feeling especially lazy. Regardless, by half past seven, I’m awake. Bleary-eyed, I get up willing my body to catch up with my brain (or is it the other way around?). Breakfast. Grab bag. Check train status. By 8:15 I’m out the door. Repeat, Monday through Friday. The rest of the day isn’t any more interesting. Usually.

Today Is Your Day! Congrats, Class of 2017

Blue and white streamers crisscross along the wall of a school gym in East Harlem. White paper cloths cover tables. Cute graduation cap confetti dot the table tops. Plates and cups are neatly lined up. The decorations are sparse but what can you do when you’re on a limited budget? Besides, the decorations aren’t important. It’s the people attending that matter the most.

Undoing Racism Resurfacing Agitation

All white people are racist. That was the cliffhanger the trainers left us with on a Saturday evening. We just spent eight hours together dissecting racism and its nuances. There were about 50 of us gathered in this room, mapping out the emotional versus the structural perceptions of racism. We attempted to define racism. Maybe we succeeded. Maybe not.

The Week in Bike Adventures week of Feb. 21

Monday: Holiday means relaxing and taking advantage of the continuing beautiful weather. For the second straight day, M and I ride out to Prospect Park in the late afternoon. It seemed like everyone and their dogs were at the park. Don’t get distracted. We had to get some headshots done for M so taking advantage of the beautiful afternoon lighting was pivotal. We headed over to the bridge overlooking the boat house and snapped some

The Wall dealing with writer's block

I haven’t been keeping up with the weekly writing challenge recently, which is unfortunate since it’s only been six weeks into the year. It feels like months have passed and we’re already on the tail end of 2017. But it’s still February and Trump has been in office for only four weeks. Goddamn. Only four weeks?!

And then I turned 30 There's no going back. No second-guessing.

It’s not for a lack of topics that I struggle to start a new essay. It’s more a lack of focus that’s keeping me from deciding on what to write first as the next essay. This is my block. But is it a real block? Or is it merely my over-active, anxiety-riddled brain working against me with its partners-in-crime, Low Confidence and Self Censorship? I want to be a writer. How cliche.

The Rest of the Trip Chronicing my trip to California - final

There’s a distinct divide between my family and me in our preferences for where to live. No two people will have the exact same preferences, sure, but what surprised me (or maybe not?) during my visit was their insistence on the ex-urban lifestyle. Strange because I spent my entire life being raised in one of the largest metropolises in the world. Strange because mom grew up in this large metropolis herself. But not really strange