Beginning in July 2018, I began work with Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit charter management operator with schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. I work with the Marketing Team and oversee content writing and editing, digital media strategy, social media and website management, and email marketing. The below is a list of select projects I’ve completed for the organization, and will continue to update for as long as I am employed there.

Social Media Management

In March, when the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in citywide shutdown of schools, my team transitioned our focus to support schools disseminate messaging to families and their communities.

Accomplishment: A more centralized and brand-aligned content calendar for social media, as well as centralized organic and paid campaigns focused on student enrollment.

Career Booklet & Teacher Brochure (copy writing)

inside page of a career booklet written for Uncommon Schools
Recruitment Career Booklet

The Marketing Team, in collaboration with the Recruitment Team drafted new collateral that emphasized a new campaign focused on “inspiring the future.” The result: a revamped career booklet that provides a quick glimpse into the various career opportunities at Uncommon, and a smaller teacher-focused brochure.

Visually, these two materials takes the organization’s aesthetic to a different level than previously imagined. By using black and white photos, we were able to use colorful elements to make key information pop.

The copy was freshly written, taken from existing information on disparate collateral, and fine-tuned to appeal to professionals who want to make an impact in education either as a classroom teacher or via working at the Home Office that supports the schools.

My role: copy writing, layout and design feedback, copy editing

Design: J. Sherman Studios
Printing: GHP

(Click on the images to see the full booklet and brochure.)

National Principals Day 2020 (video)

National Principals Day video montage

A video montage was put together to celebrate Uncommon school princpals. Staff took photos of themselves with supportive notes, and photos of all principals were pulled from Uncommon’s photo archives to create this short video.

My role: video editing
Software used: Adobe Premiere Pro

Principal photos: JJ Ignotz
Additional photos: self-submitted by staff

Additional assets:
IGTV post
Instagram post (collage created with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign)

Rochester Prep Campaign Booklet (copy editing)

inside page for the Rochester Prep Campaign Booklet
Uncommon Rochester Prep Campaign Booklet

Uncommon Schools Rochester Prep is launching a Development campaign to raise funds for a high school building. The campaign book details the history of Rochester Prep and the city of Rochester. It includes an appeal to support the construction for a new high school building that will support students’ academic success.

My role: copy editing, sending to print

Design: Rob Alcantar, Senior Designer, Uncommon Schools
Printing: GHP

(Click on the image to see the full booklet.)


Video message to staff from the
President of Uncommon Schools, Julie Jackson

Two weeks, ten schools, six cities. In December, my manager and I traveled with a film crew to Boston, Brooklyn, Camden, Newark, Rochester, and Troy — locations Uncommon’s K-12 schools. We met with students, staff, and families to collect b-roll and interviews on how Uncommon fulfills the “K-12 promise.” The culminating video: a “message from the President” highlighting the importance of why Uncommon staff does what they do every day.

My role: provide logistical support with film schedules, identifying interviewees, and food for the crew; interview subjects; provide editing feedback during post-production.

Filming: Van Vorst Films
Post-production: Vivid Story

Additional assets:
Clip for Instagram | Instagram post
Write-up for website

Behind the Scenes: TODAY

Al Roker talks to students about clouds and the weather
Al Roker speaking with students about how clouds are formed (2019)

September 2019 — Over the course of three days, TODAY show hosts Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, Carson Daly, Savannah Guthrie, and Melvin Craig visited Uncommon North Star Academy as part of a back to school series. Each of the hosts led a “special class” from science to gym.

My role: capture behind-the-scenes of the filming, and create digital media collateral for the eventual airing of the segment; also provided the External Affairs team with on-site support.

Equipment used: Fujifilm X-T1, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop

Video snippets made for social media:
Weather with Al Roker | Instagram Post
Lunch with Hoda Kotb
Carson Daly’s Kid Orchestra
Debate with Savannah Guthrie

Website Copy and Layout

Within months of starting at Uncommon, I was thrust into a website redesign project that had been going on prior to my arrival. The images to the left give an example of the layout and visual design changes that were made on uncommonschools.org (the main site), and were carried over to our six regional sites. These pages continue to evolve as we build and add more features.

My role: copy editor, web layout consultant, and on-going web content manager

Platform: went from Drupal to WordPress
External vendor: Briteweb

Beginning in October 2019, I began website maintenance and management trainings for select staff across our regions to allow them to more closely manage their own online presence, including photos, school-specific information, and more. I continue to act as the main website manager, assisting regions with more “out-of-the-box” layouts and web coding where needed.