Empty Wallet No. 2 Austerity Budget Status

The pennies are adding up, albeit very slowly. When your coping mechanism to stress is to spend for the sake of spending — that psychological trigger for instant gratification — a self-imposed austerity can be difficult. But keeping the end in mind (living cost, debt payments, etc.), I somehow make it work with the occasional “treat yo self” awards, even if it’s a $0.99 bag of chips.

Empty Wallet No. 1 Welcome to My Empty Wallet

In a previous post, I wrote about my resolution for the new year: budgeting and writing. It’s a two birds, one stone kind of situation that I’m hoping will make both things more interesting… at least for myself, if not for my readers who may find the whole affair a terrible slog to get through, or a tragicomedy of the best kind. We’ll see. I was debating on what to call this journal of sorts.