From August 2016 until March 2018, I worked as the communications associate for East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP), a hyper-local charter school and after-school program operator in El Barrio, NYC. The organization was founded in 1958 as an after-school reading group, and since expanded to three schools (elementary, middle, and high) and a wide range of after-school program offerings, from homework help to robotics.

As the comms associate, I acted as the in-house marketing designer, content strategist and writer, and email marketing pro. The below is a selection of work I completed for EHTP from flyers to social media graphics.


In early 2017, the organization partnered with local artist Manny Vega to create a mural that represented the diversity of EHTP’s staff, students, and families, as well as a East Harlem community more broadly. The idea was borne out of a response to the anti-immigration rhetoric and Muslim ban being touted by the White House at the time.

My role: recorded the mural being painted over the course of two weeks, edited and created short time-lapse video to be used as part of the bigger #buildlove campaign.

Equipment used: Sony handicam, Adobe Premiere Pro

for After-School Programs

Throughout my time at EHTP, creating collateral for the after-school programs has always been a fun endeavor, mostly because I am not “formally” trained in digital design. Much of work stems from self-learning and the little training I had as an undergrad journalism major (we used InDesign a bit).

To the right are three select flyers I created, my favorites, using a mix of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Upper left: After-School HS Program Theme Poster
Upper right: After-School HS Program Halloween Party Poster
Bottom center: After-School MS annual camp flyer

Additional collateral created:
Playbill for the annual After-School MS theater program | Formatting, layout, copy design in InDesign; graphics were provided to me

‘Served with Love’ event Flyer for After-School MS Program and accompanying SnapChat filter | Created in Illustrator and Photoshop

for Fundraising and Events

In addition to collaborating with EHTP’s after-school programs, I was also responsible for supporting the Development Team (of which I was a part of) with messaging around fundraising events and campaigns.

I took these opportunities to push myself in learning new techniques, including creating a gif in Photoshop, and line art in Illustrator.

Upper left: Annual Appeal gif for social media
Upper right: Benefit info banner for website
Bottom center: Annual Poker Fundraiser banner for website

for web and miscellany

One of the biggest projects I undertook was initiating a website redesign. The website at the time was sorely outdated and difficult to navigate. I worked with one of the directors to push the proposal to the executive director (and as of this writing, it looks as though the project overall has stalled); and while we waited, I was given the greenlight to make aesthetic and navigational adjustments within the current template.

I immediately created visuals to reduce the amount of copy on the site, but to also make the site more appealing and attractive enough for visitors to linger just a little longer.

Left: visual montage of EHTP’s Core Values, created in Photoshop

A previous version of the Core Values was a monolithic, blue rectangle with the words spelled organized vertically, and single, silhouette cutout of an ambiguous graduate.