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Little Fires Everywhere

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark — The Golden State Killer — a moniker coined by the late Michelle McNamara — wreaked havoc in neighborhoods all along southern California. Spanning multiple decades, the suspect eluded capture and identification by detectives in multiple jurisdictions, citizen investigators, and the author herself.

The Travelers — For the international spy fan in you.

Mistaken Identities — What we understand as “identity politics” today is a divergence from how it was understood when coined by the Combahee River Collective in the 1970s.

The Authoritarians

Another Brooklyn

The Girls

I Was Told to Come Alone — Souad Mekhennet is a German-born journalist of Muslim descent—a confluence of identities that drives many of the questions in this book. As a Muslim woman whose maternal lineage is connected to a Prophet, she gains access not only to those communities that may be cut off to a white journalist, but also she also gains access to high-ranking members of those communities. She commands a certain respect from her interviewees. On the hand, however, is the paradox that’s front and center in contemporary political discussions around citizenship, ethnicity, and religion. Despite being a German citizen, she’s also experienced anti-Muslim harassment from fellow citizens who zeroed in on her religious and ethnic background.

Sharp Objects

Sing, Unburied, Sing

Library of Souls

Hollow City

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Braving the Wilderness

Reasons to Stay Alive

Those Who Stay and Those Who Leave

Gone Girlwuuuuuut

Daring Greatly — Another recommendation by a friend. I found this was a great supplement to The Art of Asking, and fits into what appears to be my running theme for this year: vulnerability.

Giving Voice to Values

2666 — Read this on recommendations by my partner. I was skeptical at first and put it down after the first few pages due to its style but after a few days, I picked it up again and was pleasantly surprised that my initial reaction to the prose style was likely out of my mood the first time. 2666 by Robert Bolaño is an amazing read that incorporates five distinct story lines that are all woven together by a single character, Benno von Archimboldi, whether it’s by name and reputation or actual presence. The book spans multiple continents and timelines, presents itself as peculiar at first but grips you by the end Part 2.

The Art of Asking — A childhood friend recommended this book to me in my moment of need, and I thank her immensely for her insight and care.

Tiger Lily — a story of love, hurt, and growth from the perspective of Tinker Bell as she follows Tiger Lily.


Deep South — If you’re a fan of Paul Theroux’s other travel books, Deep South will continue to delight. Theroux’s travels to the unseen, Deep South provokes a sense of wonder and awe it not an itch to jump in a car and travel down there yourself.

How to Read a Book

I Remember Nothing — Nora Ephron’s hilarious look at the past, present, and future.

Tips for Living — Nora’s not the only one with a motive to kill but did she do it? She can’t account for her whereabouts on the night in question but she and her closest friends are confident she didn’t kill her ex-husband and his new wife.

A River in Darkness — A memoir of one man’s journey to escape North Korea, after being brought over there by his father.

Mother Land — A dark, yet hilarious novel about a family whose matriarch pulls the strings in every way, bringing the siblings together and tearing them apart.

The Naturalist — The first in a multi-book fiction series that follows a computational biologist who becomes embroiled in an investigation of a grisly killing of a former student. The police point to a grizzly bear but Theo believes the culprit is more man than bear.

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