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I. It’s a cliche, I know but my very first friend, that I rememberanyway, was a black girl. Herskin dark like polished obsidian, I remembershe was beautiful. Thinking on it now, it seemsunlikely, two little girls with contrastingtones — one dark, one light — skipping,skipping ’round the block withno care of the world. Then something happened. I no longer wanted to be her friend. I didn’t want her to be my friend. How can this

Short List: Books Read in 2019

Every year I set a goal to read between 30-45 books. Last year, I set the goal at 45. I was 10 short but no matter. It was a great year for reading — and since I first started doing the Reading Challenge on Goodreads nine years ago, I’ve successfully completed two of my reading challenges. Maybe this year will make three. Who knows.

List: Top Films Watched in 2019

It’s time for everyone’s favorite read: LISTS! The quintessential moment in which our favorite critics opine on the best ofs and worst ofs of 2019 — and the decade. Holy moly. Are we entering a new decade already? I vaguely remember when going from 1999 to 2000 was a big deal. Sadly I don’t remember much about going into 2010. Enough jabbering. Below is a list of films I watched in 2019 that I rated

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