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Writer and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.

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Have I finally reached a quiet psychological breaking point?

a shark swims in the shark tunnel at the new york aquarium

Coney Island

It was a dreary day in June, to which was added the dreariness of the aquarium.

Short List: Books Read in 2019

Every year I set a goal to read between 30-45 books. Last year, I set the goal at 45. I was 10 short but no matter. It was…

List: Top Films Watched in 2019

It’s time for everyone’s favorite read: LISTS! The quintessential moment in which our favorite critics opine on the best ofs and worst ofs of 2019 — and the…

sunlight on bike handlebar

Ride Report: Micro Tour 7 (Part 2)

sometimes you wonder why you do it, but in the end, it’s all worth it

sunlight on bike handlebar

Ride Report: Micro Tour 7 (Part 1)

a micro tour, chapter 1 – escaping NYC and rolling along on 9W #718microtour #bikeadventures

rocinante resting at Canarsie Pier rest stop

Ride Report: NYC Century 2019

you hate to see it end… or you’re happy to see it end.

screenshot of Adobe XD challenge on dropdown menus

Bike Camp NYC: Dropdown Menu

I revisited the Adobe XD Creative Challenge I started a few months back, recreating the dropdown menu project. My initial dropdown menu was a very simple mobile web…