Where it all began.

Writing professionally came by accident. I was an undergrad trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. With little self-confidence and a lack of direction, I settled on journalism. Oddly enough, it was my junior English professor who really helped me understand my writing. From all those projects and research came an interest in the intersection of the U.S. education and criminal justice systems. I wrote about local community news in Maryland, covered the education beat for the D.C. bureau of Capital News Service, and eventually landed a full-time role with Education Week. I kept writing. A lot. I also read and learned a lot. So much so that I moved to NYC for my master’s in sociology.

I continued studying education and criminal justice-adjacent topics. School discipline was my niche. Teachers and the teaching profession became a focal point. The complex relationships between teachers, students, families, bureaucracy bore into my brain. I wrote about the political economy of education. I interviewed over 10 NYC educators to get their take on school discipline policies. “Fascinating” was the neon sign in my brain.

It’s all been invaluable as I continue to fuse journalism and sociology as a content writer and strategist at a nonprofit education organization.

Where it’s all headed.

I’m not entirely sure. My work, professionally, has always been about storytelling. Stories have power to them and I find comfort and ease in thinking and crafting those narratives for specific outcomes. Why are you, you? What makes the brand the brand? These are the driving questions I strive to answer through my copywriting, editing, and content creating. (Looking for someone to help you with your brand copy? Drop me a line!)

That all being said, welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

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