X Days of Code

…because #100DaysofCode feels inadequate for my purposes or… rather, since I don’t code every day, using that designation seems unfair, hence the nondescript, non-committal “X Days of Code.” Maybe someone can argue otherwise for me.

After a few months of not coding since receiving my Front End Web Developer nanodegree from Udacity (I know, I know), I decided to do a search and figure out ways to keep the coding practice going, preferably for free if not low-cost.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this but lo-and-behold: FreeCode Camp.

The set-up is noticeably different from Udacity. It’s text-based… so far, and each lesson has a short quiz that you complete to move onto the next lesson. I started the Responsive Web Design certification and the lessons in here appear to be more interesting from a technical perspective (e.g. gradient backgrounds? wtf!) than Udacity’s.

how I code.

I could’ve just done the projects and quietly put them up on my Code Pen and git hub but as I was reading others’ posts about their projects, a light bulb went off 💡: why don’t I write about my projects? They are, in no way, significant or special or industry-breaking, but that wouldn’t be the point would it? I’m just a simple FEND, sharing simple projects, and practicing sharing and talking about FENDy things.

So, look out folks! Some basic code stuffs coming your way. 💻


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