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Crumpled Paper | death to stock photos
Crumpled Paper | death to stock photos

It’s been over a month since I last wrote and published some words on this site but rest assured, I have been writing. On Medium. Trying stuff out amidst the chaos that is Life right now.

Today will be a short post, but if you’re looking for what I’ve been up to in terms of writing, check out the list below. In addition writing a few one-offs, I recently finished a piece for ARTpublika’s upcoming issue. I also wrote a long-form essay that I decided to pitch around. It was exhilarating and also … exposing. I feel naked in front of the editors who will probably see my pitch and read the essay (maybe). I have a few more essay ideas that I think will be good for publication so I’m on that boat. Pitching my words to publications for a slot on their platform.

Anyway. Catch up on my week:
May 13
May 14
May 16
May 17
May 21

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