Scenes I’ve Seen No. 1


Dunkin Donuts/Popeyes Grand Opening; Knickerbocker & Flushing - Bushwick
fast food

Author note: I started experimenting with short prose, micro prose, whatever you want to call them, on Twitter. It’s a play on my interest in, and recent binging of travelogues, and my curiosity of what it would be like if I wrote mini-travelogues about the city I live in. And here on out, I introduce to you: Scenes I’ve Seen. (Though sometimes, it may be other senses.)

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I’ve never known a smelly place quite like the intersection of Knickerbocker & Flushing where, on any given day, a multitude of scents compete to overwhelm your sense of smell…

fast food

Dunkin Donuts/Popeyes Grand Opening;
Knickerbocker & Flushing – Bushwick
On a bad day in winter you can count on burning your nostrils and choking a little from the exhaust of cars, mopeds, and delivery trucks that race down Knickerbocker in a comical attempt to beat the light at Flushing Avenue…

On a particularly hot, humid day in the summer you can count on your gag reflexes kicking into full gear as you walk as fast as you can away from the semis loaded with decomposing waste from nearby neighborhoods…

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if there’s a dead body nearby, the vinegary stench is so bad…

Sometimes I’m reminded of the smell of dead deer along the back roads of Maryland…

On a good day – and these are rare – you can smell freshly baked goods from the corner Dunkin Donuts and the fatty fried smell of its neighbor, Popeyes Chicken…

I’m always tempted on those good days to stop in and buy a meal from each but I resist, or rather, I remind myself I can’t have any (#glutenfreeproblems)…

If you’re walking by beware! Depending on which way you’re going, the wind can bring an assaulting scent of rotting food from the roadside dumpster next to Taqueria El Fogon, which, oddly enough, remains dormant in its outside scent.


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