Liza Jane

She was, by all accounts, the cutest dog I’ve ever met. Short, black fur covering her lean body, and a white tip on the tail–all of which turned an interesting palette of grayed black, white, and brown as she got older. Her snout, in relation to her head and body, was the perfect length. Her height: not too tall to be a huge dog, and not too short to be uncomfortably small. She was of medium height, which was just perfect.

Yes, Liza Jane was a great dog but she wasn’t my dog. I “adopted” her after I left home for college and didn’t have the family dog to cuddle with.

Liza was great because she always greeted me at the door with a goofy dog smile. She always wanted a head scratch and petting, and always comforted me when I was sad, and eagerly begged for food and walks alike.

You’ll be missed. May puppers heaven have more than enough squirrels for you to chase.


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